Prime Crop Research (PCR) is a unique commercial collaboration between Prime Agriculture LLP and Dr Tom McCabe of Crop Research Ireland. PCR is conducting high quality, well observed trials on Prime Agriculture’s clients’ farms. They are currently conducting work on a range of agronomic inputs and crops. PCR (founded in 2015) has already generated some fantastic data boosting our agronomists understanding of products and their strategic use, and is overseen by the Trials Officer Patrick Mannion. Some of the work is carried out on a confidential contract basis between the client and Tom McCabe with data becoming available to our agronomists and clients at product registration or following agreement with the sponsors.

PCR and Prime Agriculture will continue to evaluate active ingredients and programmes. We are also monitoring data from other sources and disease sensitivity/resistance to fungicides. This information alongside product pricing allows us to put together robust programmes with a good return on fungicide costs.

PCR continues to develop and generate more information. If you wish to discuss sponsored trial work please contact Tom McCabe or Marion Self.

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